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The organizations we work with are not just 'clients'.

They are businesses we believe in and entrepreneurs we want to see grow. 

It's our privilege to be chosen to partner with them on their journey.

Kate Currawalla Maharashtra Dyslexia Association.png

When Ashwini came on board at MDA, one of the first things she did was appreciate our journey of two decades to articulate who we were and what we stood for, filtering it to develop a clear positioning for our brand. 

She identified our audience segments and developed a visual identity which translated across our newsletters, annual reports, events and social media channels to ensure consistency in brand representation. 

With the help of this clear and cohesive strategy for online and offline media, we were able to connect with a wider audience to raise awareness about Dyslexia and increase participation in our events, workshops and programmes.


- Kate Currawalla, President 
  Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

Jiss Mathew Global Logistics Solution.png
Global Logistics.png

Working with Ashwini has given us access to a consistent source of innovative ideas that have real business impact.


She facilitated strategic transformation by revamping our Brand Identity and defining our Customer Experience Strategy which has helped all our departments deliver a consistent experience across customer touch points in both offline as well as online channels.


This has resulted in lower employee attrition, increased customer retention, increased customer acquisition and consistent year on year growth.


We are glad to have Ashwini and ThePeopleCo as our Strategic Brand Partner.


- Jiss Mathew, Director

  Global Logistics Solutions

Dr Smita Naram Ayushakti.png
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We engaged Ashwini to help us revamp our brand and extend our offerings to a wider audience. She took a hands-on approach to conduct the primary audit for our brand by spending considerable time visiting our clinics, interviewing our doctors, therapists, and patients, and understanding our legacy.


The outcome was a well-defined brand positioning and a clear customer journey map that helped us revamp our visual identity. She also developed and shared operational guidelines to ensure that our internal departments worked cohesively to deliver the new brand promise.


As a result, we have been able to focus our efforts to make Ayurveda relevant today by appealing to a new audience which has led to healthy growth.


- Dr. Smita Naram, Director
   Ayushakti Ayurved

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